Product Development

Product Development

with all it's aspects and striving for perfection in whatever we do is the common passion of our engineers.

Product Development

The engineers at ACES have one interest in common: The passion for innovative design solutions and state of the art development methods to come as close as possible to perfection. Each order is not just a job to complete. For us it is the challenge in developing the ideal product for our client, in every aspect – and in the shortest time possible.

As service provider, we want to serve you where we fit best. While we are not a “one size fits all” shop, we have the expertise and flexibility to take on entire development projects from the definition phase until pilot manufacturing.


On the other hand, we also serve as the “missing piece” in larger projects or for customers which have experts in house, and work hand-in-hand together with these departments.

Over the years we have developed into a full service engineering provider, able to offer also incidental services competently.

  • Project management
  • Patent- and standards research
  • Simulation and design
  • Technical documentation, DHF, risk analysis
  • Clinical input from experienced surgeons acting as advisors*


  • Mechanical tests and functional checks (static, dynamic, fatigue, wear) *
  • Biomechanical tests on human or animal specimen *
  • Material investigations (metallurgic analysis, chemical and mechanical) *
  • Consulting and support for regulatory submissions like CE or FDA (510(k), IDE etc.)
  • System integration (hardware, software, mechanics)
  • Production of prototypes *
  • Small scale production runs *
  • Software development *

* Service provided in close cooperation with an experienced partner in the respective area.